2019 Winners
Residential Architecture
Vokes & Peters, Subiaco House

Designed around a set of contained, but interconnected rooms, this new home is situated around a generous courtyard to create a private, yet open, living space.

Interior Design
Matt Woods Design, Perfect Storm

Known as ‘the concrete bunker’, this sleek Camperdown apartment is an intimate, yet utilitarian environment

Landscape Design
Clapham Landscape Architecture, The Enchanted Garden

Landscape architecture as an invitational gesture – this entry garden welcomes visitors to the Yarra Bend development by following the curve of the river and created a lush secluded environment. 

Lighting Design
Zachary Hanna, Trapeze

Neither a sconce or a pendant, this multifunctional and freely turning piece can function as both. Inspired by iconic utilitarian, minimalist designs, its clever form was driven by investigations into mechanics and physics.

Furniture Design
Koskela, Learn

A new concept in primary school furniture that reinforces the significance of engaging children and teaching staff in an interactive environment for learning

Textile Design
Georgina Whigham, Woven Bag Series

Emulating characteristics of a plastic bag yet seeking to counteract throwaway mass-produced connotations, these linen and cotton bags are an ode to craftsmanship, and handwoven in Australia.

Floral Design
Melanie Stapleton & Katie Marx, Flowering Now

A collaborative project bringing together Melbourne’s flower community to create unique installations, sharing a love of nature in ways that defy traditional understandings of floristry.

Tyrone Wright & Carly Spooner, RONE Empire

An abandoned art-deco mansion is transformed through large scale mural and installation. The haunting immersive journey through the site conjures a sense of both collapsed empire and nostalgic romantic past. 

Nicolette Johnson, Dark Tower

A large coiled stoneware vessel, which is encrusted with more than 1,000 hand-sculpted spherical protrusions. Its hourglass and ovoid shapes combine into a totem, appearing at once ancient, mystic, surreal and futuristic.

Sustainable Design or Initiative
Seljak Brand, Closed Loop Merino Blanket

A closed loop, recycled merino wool blanket made from off-cut materials bound for landfill, which is also recyclable at the end of its life. They are made at Australia’s oldest and last fully-integrated wool mill.

Emerging Designer
Edition Office

A new firm founded by established architects interested in both the cultural narratives of architecture alongside its experiential qualities.

Tyrone Wright & Carly Spooner, RONE Empire

An installation project occupying multiple rooms of a historical 1920s Art Deco property that aims to transport audiences back to its glamorous heyday, juxtaposing beauty and decay.